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Albin and Ana …

The estate on which our vineyards are growing, was bought by Albin and Ana Žaren in 1936. First, it was mixed farm, but now is wine estate for more than 20 years. Since the begining we have been monitoring our conditions and potential on what our vineyards can offer. Based on theese findings, we have created new tier: selection of best vineyards and grapes of highest quality which we named ALBIANA after Albin and Ana Žaren as a tribute to them, as pioneers of our story. Brand was created and internationaly protected in 2018. First wines under ALBIANA brand were labels of Modra frankinja 2016 and rest of white and rose wines of the 2017 vintage.

  • Albin in Ana Žaren


We are currently cultivating over 20 hectares of vineyards or more than 90.000 vines.

For highest quality possible, vineyard selections for Albiana brand have low yield. In process of grape maturing we are carefully monitoring each variety individualy, so we can determine the best time of harvest for each style of wine we want.

Vineyards: Doma, Zameje, Zajčer, Ograja, Močile, Jelševec, Pšak in Podivnica.

Varieties: laški rizling, chardonnay, zeleni silvanec, ranfol, kraljevina, rumeni muškat, sauvignon, žametna črnina in modra frankinja.

Solils: mixture of ilovica (clay) and lapor (marlstone)


The oldest part of our cellar lies under our very house and is old more than 300 years according by official written sources. Today, cellar is bigger and modernly equipped in three stories – processing room, maturing cellar with inox vats and wood barrels, filling room and maturing chambers in which we mature our wines in different temperature ranges seperately according to type of wine – sparkling, red and white/rose wine. We believe that wine is made in the vineyard, so the process of vinification we tend to be as minimalistic as possible, without unnecessery interference with the wine. This way, we get the best reflection of our varieties and terroir.


With restoration and expansion of Zajčer vineyard we have came across two big oaks that we had to cut off. State of wood was phenomenal according to coopers, so we decieded to make barrels out of it. Wood was drying outside for four years and in wood dryers afterwards. Cooperage Učakar from Vransko made two 3000 liter barrels from this wood. Vineyard Zameje, where those two big oaks used to grow, is now planted with modra frankinja variety of which crops is maturing in those two barrels. That way the whole circle is connected.


Experience Albiana wines in our unique ambient at our guest house. All the culinary creations that we will offer to you, is by our own production or from local farms. Through the year we also organise several types of events based on wine and culinarics in cooperation with our best local restaurants and winemakers, so stay tuned for next event!